Scholars have long defined periods of history by the materials used for edged tools. The working of steel is a craft spanning over 2,000 years and many cultures. This is a history rich in tradition and often shrouded in mystery because those who could properly forge, harden and temper steel were thought to have magical powers as judged by the performance of their weapons and
tools. Bill Harsey grew up working, hunting and fishing in the mountains of Oregon,
and the importance of sharp-edged tools was not lost to him. Examples of Harsey's knifemaking work now reside in Japan, Germany, Australia, England, France, Italy, Africa and all over North America. These knives are used in Marcella Hazan's Venice kitchen, displayed by the Japanese National Knife Museum in Seki, and are put to proper hard use by Native Americans in Alaska. Harsey has built custom production pieces and hand-built prototypes for the late Al Mar, who
was widely recognized in the international specialty knife business. One custom knife Harsey continues to build is dual-marked Al Mar / William Harsey. Even the renowned master knife maker, R.W. Loveless, owns a William Harsey folding knife.


 William Harsey

'80 Fine and Applied Arts

University of Oregon 
Excerpt from University of Oregon School of Architecture 

and Allied Arts publication, OregonAchievers 

William W. Harsey Jr. Knife Gallery

Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Knife

Oregon Field Utility

All-Purpose Framehandle

Kitchen Set

Oregon Hunter

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